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12 Jun 2024

Category: Music


Food Fight – Single 

What had started out as a joke for the artist has now become her most recent single – released on November 19th, 2021. “I wrote this originally on the ukulele, after I’d come up with a chord progression I really liked. I didn’t really have…


Wait, I have to name this? – New EP!!! 

Zoe Mina is releasing a brand new EP called Wait, I have to name this? on October 28th, at midnight local time. Presave the EP on Spotify now! The artist will perform a track from the EP LIVE on Brooklyn Free Radio’s The Dunn…


Black as Coal – Single! 

Black as Coal is Zoe Mina’s September 2021 release, and as a return to the music scene for the young artist, it is quite the returning debut. Once again working with Mitch Pirtle on Bass and Guitar, Zoe Mina relies heavily on their collective rock…


Leave A Message feat. Fynesse Banks 

Bringing back the magical pairing of Fynesse Banks and Zoe Mina, Leave a Message is undeniably a testament to the diversity of the two female professionals, as well as bassist and guitarist Mitch Pirtle. Originally written on piano, the artist produces the track with lush…


Up at Night 

Zoe Mina’s singles of 2021 following her first album, ONE, branch out from the artist’s pop profile. Breaking away from her piano ballads and lush productions, her single Hear My Plea is a big step in the rock/alternative direction, and displays well Zoe Mina’s ability…


Hear My Plea 

Breaking off from her pop alternative album ONE (released January 2021) Zoe Mina brings us this emotional alternative rock song with heavy guitars and growling vocals. Having written the song originally in 2016, the artist explores her rock influences naming Joan Jett and Garbage’s song…


ONE (Album) 

Zoe Mina rings in the new year with a bang, releasing her first ever full album with fourteen unique tracks that are a mix of her 2020 singles and brand new songs. She opens the album with Cage of Me, a song entirely about feeling…


Hopeful (Someday) 

To close out 2020 and ring in the new year, Zoe Mina gives us Hopeful––a song meant to bring the positivity and brightness everyone is wishing for in 2021. Working with Sound Scientist Productions, the artist delivers her characteristic soulful vocals and thoughtful, clean production….


Lost feat. Fynesse Banks 

Feeling lost is something almost anyone can relate to, at least during one point of their life. Lost feat. Fynesse Banks is Zoe Mina’s latest single, delving into being out of place, and the topic of individuality. Zoe Mina grew up in Brooklyn, NYC in…


Hopeful – Prerelease/Presale 

Zoe Mina’s New Year’s Eve single, Hopeful (Someday) is now available for prerelease/presale on both Amazon and iTunes. If you simply can’t wait for the countdown, head to the links below now to be one of the first to hear! Hopeful (Someday) Amazon Prerelease Hopeful…