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16 Apr 2024


Audio and Vocal Production

Both in her extensive studies at Full Sail University and her own personal projects, Zoe Mina has worked in Pro Tools and Logic Pro X to create smooth vocal and audio edits that hold up to industry standards for music releases, film audio, and game audio. Below is a portfolio of various projects in both DAWs that Zoe Mina has accomplished.

Zoe Mina employed Pro Tools’ professional audio editing capabilities to comp and edit different voiceover takes.
Comped and edited voiceover AFTER
Also in Pro Tools, Zoe Mina comped and edited a musical vocal line from different takes.
Comped and edited lead vocal AFTER
For a future release, Zoe Mina presents her skills in vocal comping and editing in Logic Pro X for both lead and backing vocals.
Falling Behind Lead Vox BEFORE
Falling Behind Lead Vox AFTER
For another future release, Zoe Mina created a crowd effect in Logic Pro X using multiple takes – both pitch tuned and not – to create her vision.
ONE lead vocal comped and edited AFTER

Video and Film Composition and Production

Zoe Mina has extensive experience in composition for visual entertainment, both in scoring to film and scoring to spotting notes. Below are a few projects showcasing her broad skill in audio to video composition and production.

For a school project, Zoe Mina was tasked with creating an emotional score following the actions and expressions of the people and scenes. In this assignment, the class also experimented with traditional sounds and instruments typically associated with worldly places.
Here, Zoe Mina uses both compositional skills, sound design, and Foley to create the music and sound in this portfolio class assignment.
Again composing to film, Zoe Mina used compositional techniques such as arrangement and ornamentation in the instrumentation, and sound samples like trill violins and tremelos to create the appropriate effect.
Zoe Mina created a one minute action cue for a trailer, using only spotting notes to align music moments to the correct film moments.
Zoe Mina modeled the music after the original, keeping her unique compositional style while still mimicking key elements requested in the assignment.