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30 Oct 2020

About Me

Zoe Mina is an accomplished pianist and singer, focusing her talents on writing more modern music as well as composing film scores, video game music, and sound design. She holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Music Production at Full Sail University, having graduated in the class of May 2020. Zoe has been playing piano for well over ten years, singing for over five, and songwriting since the beginning of her musical journey. She released her first EP, Blue in July of 2019, her single Mr. No Name in February, and her most recent single Walking on Ice in April––Both in 2020. Having largely worked solo, she has experience in collaborating with peers and fellow artists, having featured on Matt Luther’s single Danielle Strong in 2019.

Zoe is half American, half Swiss, and grew up in New York City. She has lived in Seattle Washington, Switzerland, and Italy—giving her an open mind and a curious soul. Beginning to seriously songwrite in Turin Italy, Zoe found her voice in her music and began singing in order to become a singer-songwriter—despite numerous mentors instructing her otherwise. After her family moved back to the states, she came into contact with a new mentor who supported her music and her dreams, and was the first to make the connection between Zoe’s songwriting style and film score composition. Mid year 2018, she started experimenting with orchestral samples through her MIDI gear and DAW, and fell in love with completing hybrid orchestral scores. Zoe Mina is now pursuing a career as a singer-songwriter, and a video game sound designer and composer.