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03 Dec 2020

Author: Zoe Mina


ONE is released! 

Zoe Mina’s latest single, ONE, is available on Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, and more. The song is currently over 7k streams, and the artist has announced on social media that in celebration for reaching 10k, she will hold an Instagram Live performance and short Q and…


Project: Cage of Me 

Inspired by past personal health issues, Zoe Mina wrote this for school. Acknowledging her memories and writing from the heart, she brings a song that speaks in rawness about being caged and entrapped. ​ Cage of Me by Zoe Mina ​Style: Pop Ballad Key: C…


Project: Drifted Apart 

Yet another project completed while in school, Zoe Mina created an intriguing blend of modern pop music ideals with complex instrument arrangements and wildly expressive chord progressions. Employing composition found often in the jazz and blues world, she takes her strength in piano and implements…


Project: Out of Tune and Out of Mind 

This was a project from school. Zoe Mina was required to include music theory and production techniques learned in school as well as what she had picked up through previous courses. Out of Tune and Out of Mind, lyrics and composition by Zoe Mina Verse…