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01 Mar 2024

Author: Zoe Mina


Lost feat. Fynesse Banks 

Feeling lost is something almost anyone can relate to, at least during one point of their life. Lost feat. Fynesse Banks is Zoe Mina’s latest single, delving into being out of place, and the topic of individuality. Zoe Mina grew up in Brooklyn, NYC in…


Hopeful – Prerelease/Presale 

Zoe Mina’s New Year’s Eve single, Hopeful (Someday) is now available for prerelease/presale on both Amazon and iTunes. If you simply can’t wait for the countdown, head to the links below now to be one of the first to hear! Hopeful (Someday) Amazon Prerelease Hopeful…



The artist has kept up a breakneck pace with her releases of 2020, dropping a single nearly every month since she released Walking on Ice in April. She continues to push new music out with Aeroplane, her November single. The half-European singer pays homage to…


Out of Mind 

Continuing her brand sound of soulful music and deep lyrics, Zoe Mina released Out of Mind during October 2020. She branches out into a more rock-like sound, developing her production style and showing a capacity for growth and enjoyment for adventure in the music world….


Falling Behind 

Once again, Zoe Mina releases a unique and memorable single. Her graduate project at Full Sail University, the song showcases her vocal skill and compositional prowess. Including analog electric bass written, played, and recorded by Mitch Pirtle, the song as a deceptively warm feeling for…


Hopeful – Release Reveal! 

To close out 2020, Zoe Mina is releasing her final single of the year on New Year’s Eve with the countdown––dropping the song with the ball at midnight. The track will be available for prerelease on Christmas Eve, 12.24.20, and the artist will have special…


ONE is released! 

Zoe Mina’s latest single, ONE, is available on Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, and more. The song is currently over 7k streams, and the artist has announced on social media that in celebration for reaching 10k, she will hold an Instagram Live performance and short Q and…


Project: Cage of Me 

Inspired by past personal health issues, Zoe Mina wrote this for school. Acknowledging her memories and writing from the heart, she brings a song that speaks in rawness about being caged and entrapped. ​ Cage of Me by Zoe Mina ​Style: Pop Ballad Key: C…