Zoe Mina’s latest single, ONE, is available on Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, and more. The song is currently over 7k streams, and the artist has announced on social media that in celebration for reaching 10k, she will hold an Instagram Live performance and short Q and A.

ONE is largely about the BLM movement, says Zoe Mina. She wanted to write something about current issues, and to use her voice in support of those who truly have something important and meaningful to say.

“Black lives DO matter,” says the artist. “The fact that we are still dealing with this in 2020 says a lot about our culture, and the lack of growth––We always talk about our scientific and technological breakthroughs, but we’ve neglected our own breakthroughs. We are all human, and we are ONE world.”

Written, composed, and produced by Zoe Mina

Mastered by Luthercorp Records

Guitar and Bass written and recorded by Mitch Pirtle